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Eurovignettes – a practical guide for drivers

Eurovignettes, vignettes, motorway tickets and road taxes are known to every entrepreneur in the transport industry. Despite the progressive unification of regulations in international transport, individual countries still have toll collection systems for using selected sections of roads and highways. In this article, we will discuss practical issues related to Eurovignettes – from purchase methods to fines for transport carried out without paying the required fee.

What are Eurovignettes?

Eurovignettes, introduced on the basis of EU Directive 1999/62, are electronic proof of payment for the use of motorways and toll roads. They are a key element of the transport system of some European countries and are necessary for the legal transport of goods on national roads and highways. Moreover, the Eurovignette must be purchased before transport is carried out in the those countries. What countries are we talking about?

The Eurovignette in a nutshell

  • it is charged for a selected period of time (day/week/month/year), which means that its cost depends on the length of stay in a given country
  • applies to vehicles with a GVW above 12 tons
  • it is a road toll applied on motorways and most national roads
  • it is a form of international cooperation in goods transport

In which countries is the Eurovignette valid?

The Eurovignette system has been in force since July 20, 1999 in Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden. The rules related to Eurovignettes in these countries are almost identical, with exceptions for certain bridges and tunnels, where additional fees are charged. Interestingly, this electronic payment system may cease to exist in the next few years. 

The first country that took steps in this regard was Denmark, where Eurovignettes will cease to be used from January 1, 2025. They will be replaced by a road tax for trucks with a total permissible weight of over 3.5 tonnes. Its amount will depend on the number of kilometers travelled, which is a clear departure from the currently applicable rules.

Where to purchase the Eurovignette

You can purchase a Eurovignette before entering the countries covered by this system. The price depends on the level of exhaust emissions (Euro 0-6 standards), the vehicle axle class (number of axles) and the period for which it is purchased. You can make the purchase:

  • at gas stations
  • at border checkpoints
  • at AGES service points
  • on the eurovignettes.eu website

Online payment can be made by credit, fuel or fleet card.

How to purchase the Eurovignette online

  • Go to www.eurovignettes.eu
    Provide the necessary information: country of vehicle registration, registration plate, number of axles in the vehicle, exhaust emission standard met.
    Select the date range for the Eurovignette and click “next”.
    Check the correctness of the entered information and select one of the two available tariffs.
    Select the payment method: fuel/fleet card or credit card.
    Provide the card details necessary to collect the payment.
    Confirm the payment.
    Save the payment confirmation as an electronic document or print it if necessary.

How to check if the Eurovignette has been purchased

The Eurovignette payment system can be difficult to understand for people who are using it for the first time. Contrary to outdated information that can be found online, purchase confirmation is not sent to our e-mail address. After going through the payment process on the website, we can print or save the confirmation as a .pdf file. This is the only confirmation of purchase we have access to. 

Moreover, we do not need to have a copy of it when transporting in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Information on Eurovignettes is stored in an electronic system. The best way to check whether the Eurovignette has been purchased is to verify the payment history on your bank account. If you have any questions or technical issues, you can contact customer support.

Fines for not purchasing a Eurovignette

Not having a Eurovignette when entering a road subject to a toll system results in a fine of up to several hundred euros. If you appeal to the court and receive an unfavorable decision, the fine may increase up to several thousand euros. For example, the fine imposed by the Danish police for not having a Eurovignette in 2024 is DKK 2500. This is approximately 335 Euro, which is more than the cost of the monthly tariff in the most expensive available variant.

The Eurovignette as a tax-deductible cost

When purchasing the Eurovignette in-store, the customer receives a VAT invoice or a receipt, which may constitute a tax-deductible expense. Fees expressed in foreign currencies should be converted into Polish zloty according to the NBP exchange rate. For a receipt to be accepted, it must be annotated in accordance with accounting requirements. When purchasing a Eurovignette online, it is not possible to obtain an invoice for the completed order. However, the confirmation of payment received is treated as an invoice under the provisions of commercial and tax law.

Fee refund for an unused period of time

In some situations, an entrepreneur may apply for a refund of the fee paid for the purchase of the Eurovignette. However, there is a handling fee of EUR 25 applied each time. You can apply for a refund through an electronic form, e-mail or even by post.

  • a full refund is available if the validity period of the vignette has not started yet
  • a partial refund is available if the Eurovignette validity period has already started, but you want to end it earlier 

Summary: the Eurovignette

The Eurovignette is one of many fees that European entrepreneurs in the transport industry have to remember about. Its purchase is mandatory before entering national roads and highways of the countries where it is required. The potential fines far outweigh the costs of the toll itself, so it’s better not to take unnecessary risks. It is very possible that within a few years the Eurovignette will cease to exist. Until then, however, it is best to familiarize yourself with how to purchase it.


What is the Eurovignette?

Eurovignette is an electronic road toll collection system used in some European countries for trucks with a GVW of over 12 tons.

In which countries is the Eurovignette required?

The Eurovignette is used in Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Sweden.

How can the Eurovignette be purchased?

The Eurovignette can be purchased online at eurovignettes.eu, at border checkpoints, gas stations or AGES service points.

Can I buy a Eurovignette for one day?

Yes, the Eurovignette can be purchased for various time periods, including one day, one week, one month or one year.