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Driver-focused application

Thanks to the application dedicated to the driver, they can continuously report on the status of the cargo and control journeys. Prilo also allows adding documents electronically.


Thanks to the app you have everything under control

The app is easy to use and provides key functionalities that make daily transportation management easier.


  • Updating transport statuses on a regular basis
  • Control of upcoming shipments
  • Electronic documents

How to start?

  • Download the app
  • Activate it
  • Check the transport assigned to you
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    Updating transport statuses on a regular basis

    Thanks to the constant update of the truck position, both the carrier and the ordering party know what is happening. Thus, you save time spent on unnecessary phone calls.

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    Control of incoming routes

    Check all the transports assigned to you on a regular basis. The app allows you to view a roster of upcoming trips.

    Electronic documents

    Forget about lost documents. Now you have all the necessary documents in your application.

    What are the app’s features?


    Check transports

    Thanks to the application, you have access to currently assigned transports.


    Report loading and unloading

    By updating the status of the transport, you enable both the carrier and the shipper to know what is going on with the order.


    Add documents

    In the application, you can place the necessary documents in an electronic version and stop worrying about getting them lost on the way.

    Start using Prilo today!

    You can finally ride easily because with Prilo you’ve got everything under control. Shall we?

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