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Are you looking for car transport orders?

In Prilo you will find new customers

With Prilo platform, you can:

  • Search for orders on the route that interests you
  • Negotiate the price and other terms of the order
  • Use automatic suggestions of the next route
  • Work with hundreds of clients from all over Europe

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What is the itinerary?


Find an order and make an offer

New transport orders are added every day. Choose the most interesting ones, negotiate the prices, comment.


Finalize a few details

You can add driver and truck information to each job. In a special chat you stay in constant contact with the customer.


Monitor the status

Keep an eye on the cargo route with the Prilo Driver App.

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You can finally let loose, because with Prilo you have everything under control. See an interesting order? What, are we moving on?

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You can finally ride easily as with Prilo you’ve got everything under control. Shall we?


Prilo — discover the benefits

Orders from all over Europe

Every day there are new orders for the transport of cars.


With the tips for the next route you increase the chance of avoiding empty kilometers.

New customers

You develop your business by meeting new business partners from all over Europe.

What else can you expect when you register with Prilo?

The best choice of orders, optimization of routes and a large new customer base are just some of the features you can discover on our platform. See how you can still benefit if you order a car transport from Prilo:


You can rely on the driver to re-check the loaded vehicles.

Check documents

Access the necessary documents in one place.


By using the chat you can get in touch with the clients with whom you have done business.

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Start using Prilo today!

You can finally ride easily because with Prilo you’ve got everything under control. Shall we?


Whoa! We also have a driver app.

With a dedicated app for the driver, they can update the status of the cars and control the trips. Prilo additionally allows them to keep in touch with the carrier and add documents electronically.


  • Updating transport statuses on a regular basis
  • Control of upcoming transports
  • Electronic documents

How to start?

  • Download the app
  • Activate it
  • Check transports assigned to you

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