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Check out our job postings and chart a new route in the shipping industry. At Prilo, we value the courage to challenge yourself, so if you’re ready for a new journey, apply!

What keeps
us going?

We want to be innovative, open-minded and reliable in what we do. We are committed to building a digital community and providing its members with the best solutions on the market. This is so that they have every challenge under control.

If you would like to join us in blazing new trails and have a real impact on the development of the shipping industry, please let us know. We are looking for individuals who are forward-looking and ready to implement innovative solutions that change the market.

Haven’t found an offer that fits you?

No worries! Send us your resume.
We’ll definitely take a look at it.

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How the recruitment process looks like?

We attach great importance to the recruitment process, because we want to find people who, like us, show understanding and commitment to the process of creating and improving the Prilo platform.


Selecting applications

Check out our current advertisements and send us your CV. We will review your application and contact the selected people.


Phone call

We will contact you to provide you with information about the offer but also to make an initial assessment of the skills you declared and to expand on the information contained in your application.


Face-to-face meeting

During the meeting we will verify your competences and declared fluency in foreign languages. We will also give you the opportunity to get to know the specifics of working in the given position. After the meeting, we will contact you as soon as possible with feedback.

Find out what our values are


We believe in what we do and are fully committed to developing new opportunities for the shipping industry.


We recognize that many businesses rely on our solutions, so we take responsibility for what we do.


We rely on years of experience from industry professionals.

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