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Car Transport Exchange

The online car exchange connects carriers with companies that are looking for a partner to transport their cars. Choose the right option and see how our solution can make your job easier:

Why Prilo?

Prilo is a unique car transportation management solution. The platform connects carriers with companies that are looking for a partner to transport their cars. The entire process happens in Prilo – from making the order to safely unloading the cars. And it’s time-saving and very easy.

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We make business happen!

The automation of operations is a leading direction in logistics 4.0. Thanks to all-in solution (the entire car transport process in one place), Prilo improves car logistics.

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Full control

Selecting the most attractive offer, constant contact between the client and the carrier, tracking the transport location, all necessary documents — with the Prilo platform you have it all under control.

The best deals

A shipper adding a car shipping order on the platform can count on the interest of hundreds of carriers from all over Europe. Choose the best deal.

Efficient contact

Prilo allows contact between the client and the carrier at any time. Additionally, all conversations are stored in one place.

Check out Prilo today!

You can finally just chill, because with Prilo you have everything under control. Ready to drive?


Who might be interested in our platform?

A company set on finding a car hauling partner

With Prilo, you’ll find the best deal for your order and you’ll know where your cars are in real time, without having to make lots of phone calls. Additionally, you have constant contact with the carrier and all the documents in one place. You have the entire process under control.

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Many companies order car transport on Prilo platform

On the Prilo platform you can find an order for the transport of single car as well as full truck loads.That way you don’t have to worry about assignments and you increase your chances of avoiding empty miles. You arrange all the details with the partner ordering the transport via the platform. You can also see where your driver is in real time. You have the entire process under control.

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What is the timetable on the Prilo platform?


Post orders and place bids

Prilo allows people looking for a carrier to post specific orders for car shipping, and carriers to submit bids for their services. Thus, both parties find the most advantageous option for themselves.


Make trades

By adding orders or placing bids, you save time and money by providing transportation to meet your needs. You are in control of the transaction process and thus you can be sure that you are not missing out on a profitable deal.


Monitor implementation

You can follow the entire process involved in the execution of car shippingon the platform. You have a live view of what’s happening with the cargo.

Start using Prilo today!

You can finally let loose, because with Prilo you have everything under control. See an interesting order? What, are we moving on?


Whoa! We also have a driver app.

With a dedicated app for the driver, they can update the status of the cars and control the trips. Prilo additionally allows them to keep in touch with the carrier and add documents electronically.


  • Updating transport statuses on a regular basis
  • Control of upcoming transports
  • Electronic documents

How to start?

  • Register in Prilo as a carrier
  • Make a transport offer for the chosen order
  • Add a driver to the order and ask them to download the application
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