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Prilo participated in TransLogitsica Poland 2023

Just last week the entire TSL industry, including Prilo, gathered for X edition of one of the biggest events in Europe – TransLogistica Poland 2023.

What is TransLogistica Poland?

TransLogistica Poland is the biggest event for people who work in transportation and logistics in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. It provides a platform for shippers, cargo owners, and industry professionals to discover high-quality logistics services for their goods and at the same time, it offers a prime opportunity for exhibitors to showcase a diverse range of solutions, including integrated logistics services, various transport modes, warehousing, and telematics, among others.

TransLogistica Poland provides a unique opportunity to connect directly with manufacturers, retail chains, and distributors (shippers and cargo owners). Additionally, technology and solution providers in the transport and logistics sector, such as those offering fuel cards and fleet management solutions, can reach a targeted audience of fleet owners, carriers, freight forwarders, and logistics operators.

TransLogistica Poland emphasizes the quality of its visitors, so everyone participating in this exhibition is deeply involved in the TSL industry. Among those are well-established companies on the logistics market:

  • DB Schenker
  • Alliance Multimodal
  • Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
  • DHL Supply Chain
  • Anika Trans
  • FREJA Transport & Logistics
  • Arijus UAB
  • Langowski Logistics
  • Galan Logistics
  • Geis PL
  • LIT
  • ColliCare Logistics
  • TSLogistic

Such a big and prestigious event in Poland couldn’t be missed by one of the leaders in European logistics – Adampol. As our mother company, Prilo took part in the TransLogistica Poland together with Adampol.

    X edition of TransLogistica Poland

    This year, TransLogistica Poland was a special event – celebrating its X edition. Especially for this, four big halls were filled with companies from TSL industry during the 3 days from November 7-9. At the Expo XXI in Warsaw the queues to enter were a clear sign of exactly how much this event means to the Polish logistics scene.

    The event started at 10:00 in the morning, when the guests had the opportunity to walk through the stands and chat with representatives from companies offering services and solutions to a wide range of logistics needs.

    Each of the halls also had its own stage, so to take a break from intense business talks, guests could listen to presentations on the key topics that TSL industry is dealing with. This year, such topics included 24/7 vehicle condition monitoring, optimization and cost control in transport, automation of transport processes and IT tools supporting that, introduction to e-invoice system, green future and reduction of emissions, digitalization and sustainable development.

    After the first day that started with a bang, a cocktail party was held with various contests, shows and attractions, meant to foster making new connections and strengthen relationships in a little less formal circumstances.

    But that wasn’t the end of evening attractions, because on the second day at PGE Narodowy stadium TransLogistica Gala was held in the Business Club space for chosen guests. And a visit to one of Warsaw’s best clubs after 🙂

    Overall, it was an event that many will remember for a long time – just as well from all the fun they had, but more so from the new business connections that will help their companies grow.

    Prilo at TransLogistica Poland in Warsaw

    As most of the exhibitors and participants of TransLogistica Poland are companies with a focus on a broad spectrum of logistics services, at Prilo we had chosen to take part in this event together with our colleagues from Adampol at a joint stand, representing Adampol’s wide range of industry solutions. At one stand, in a grand showcase together with Prilo, was also Adampol’s cargo department, port Gdańsk, terminal in Małaszewicze and ECT.

    We expected minimal interest at TransLogistica, as vehicle transport is not a prominent feature of this event. And yet, we were pleasantly surprised to have spoken to many interested parties. Both Dorota, Julia, Hubert and Iwona had many great conversations from which we must mention TB Logistics, BAS World, MATTLINE, Volkswagen Group Polska – thank you for your time and we hope to stay in touch for future business purposes!

    From guests who were interested in our platform Prilo, some questions that we received were:

    • Can we upload our orders automatically? We’re working on developing an API that will allow your system to connect to Prilo and automatically send available orders to Prilo marketplace.
    • Do you have carriers that will take single units? Yes! On Prilo you will find both, carriers favouring full loads and smaller companies that take single unit orders.
    • Do we need to work on one company account? Yes, there can only be one company account as it is verified with your VAT number – but you can make many user accounts under that company, so each person can have their own account within your main company account.
    • What is your biggest carrier group, where do they drive? On Prilo our biggest carrier group is made up of Polish carriers – no surprise there. When it comes to most popular routes, Germany, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Belgium are often chosen by our carriers.  
    • How much does it cost to use Prilo? Nothing, Prilo is completely free! No subscription, no commission, no hidden fees!

    Do you have any questions you’d like to ask us? Schedule a demo presentation with Julia and she’ll let you in on all Prilo secrets 🙂

    Overall, while we didn’t have much hope for this event in terms of business talks about Prilo, we came home pleasantly surprised that even at events more focused on TSL industry like TransLogistica Poland gathers also companies interested in vehicle transportation – so in what we can offer as Prilo, Car Transport Exchange.

    Thanks to events like the TransLogistica Poland, we have been proven that we can stay up to date and make new, important business partnerships that will help us thrive in the FVL industry. Let’s connect next year!