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First Romanian car carrier conference – Prilo as main sponsor

>September 8th was a date marked in the calendar of many car carriers in Romania as the first coneference specifically for them took place in the charming city of Oradea with Prilo Car Transport Exchange as the main sponsor of this event.

Iobaghini Express  – the brain behind Conferința Transportatorilor Auto Și Tractărilor Auto 

The Iobaghini Express company started its activity in 2015 with the transport of 3.5T express goods. In 2019, they also expanded into the field of car towing and car transport. Later, they also created the shipping company under the same name.

Their idea for the conference came from a wish to offer car carriers from Romania an opportunity to grow and learn networking that will help with making business deals easier in hard times. Like for most companies in Europe, this is a key factor in leading a steady business with optimal opportunity for growth.

That’s why, the first Romanian conference for car carriers and towing was started and, fresh after the event, we can safely say – it was a great success!

Conferința Transportatorilor Auto Și Tractărilor Auto

This was the first of its kind conference for car carriers and towing in Romania. Over 6 months many companies from Romania and all over Europe had been invited to join and on the day of the event over 130 guests gathered in the beautiful Pandora Palace in Oradea to talk about the future of car transportation.

The gathered companies represented all valid fields for car transportation branch of the logistics industry, including:

  • Carriers in the field of car transport and car towing
  • Representatives of carriers’ associations
  • Representatives from the field of: car insurance, banking, fuel cards, road taxes
  • Car dealers
  • Manufacturers / distributors of car trailers, accessories and car parts

During the full day of the conference, from 9:00 in the morning until late at night, the day was packed full with interesting presentations from sponsors and invited speakers from, e.g. Romanian Association for International Road Transport, mayor of Santandrei Commune, National Union of Road Transporters from Romania and Transilvania IT Cluster.

In short, this event was a great platform to learn the newest challenges, trends and opportunities in the car transport market in Romania and in Europe in general.

Among the participants of Conferința Transportatorilor Auto Și Tractărilor Auto were companies like:


And many, many more!

Why did Prilo choose to sponsor Conferința Transportatorilor Auto Și Tractărilor Auto?

When Alex from Iobaghini Express reached out to us in February, we were busy preparing for our other events and didn’t have much time to consider the full possibilities this would bring. But once we got to thinking about it and we checked how big the percentage of Romanian users on our platform is, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Romanian users are the third biggest group on Prilo!

With this in mind, we simply had to reach out a hand to them again – by becoming the main sponsor of the conference that promotes networking between car carriers and car towers.

This has also become a valuable platform for us to announce our big plans for introducing Romanian language version as the next priority on our improvements to the platform!

Prilo at Conferința Transportatorilor Auto Și Tractărilor Auto

As the main sponsor, we were thankful to have been able to present our platform to everyone gathered at the event in Oradea on 08.09.2023 – Hubert, our Sales and Customer Support Specialist, went through his first time presenting there and did a good job of sharing the possibilities of Prilo with the new audience.

At our stand, Ewa along with the support of Dominika, Kinga and Bianca from Adampol showed the functionalities of platform Prilo and the advantages of using such an advanced car transport exchange to get new loads and reduce empty kilometers.

Some of the most popular questions we were asked during this day were:

  • Do you have orders for vans? Yes!
  • I only take single units, can I also find orders for 1 car? We have orders for full loads and single units – 1 car, 2, sometimes 3-4.
  • I only have a towing truck, can I register? Yes! We accept companies with towing trucks, car transporters, decks and even low loaders.
  • How long is the payment time? It depends on the shipper, can be from 1 day to 14 days or at times even 45 days. We as the platform have no say in this, it depends on the shipper’s procedures.
  • How much will I have to pay to use Prilo? Nothing! Prilo is completely free: no fees, commission or subscription needed!

For other questions, if anyone had them or if you also have them, we invite you to contact us directly!

News and trends from Conferința Transportatorilor Auto Și Tractărilor Auto 2023

The conference was mostly dedicated to the Romanian market and the situation of Romanian carriers. Among the most important topics marked at the conference were:

  • Legislation and insurance in Romanian transport – general aspects and detail related to CMR and Casco insurances, for road transporters of cars
  • New software solutions and digitalization – opportunities and challenges
  • Labor protecting rules for the activities of auto transport
  • Current challenges in the field of sustainability of transport activities
  • The future of road transport according to the new ecological ideology
  • Safety and health at work in the transportation industry
  • The challenge for employers – recruiting or retainig people in the logistics sector

In our opinion, and we’ve been to a couple of events this year, even though this was on a smaller scale, it was one of the top events of the year. We’re proud to have been able to be there and sponsor such a fantastic opportunity for the Romanian carriers to grow.

Until next one!