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Transporting cars – how to find a carrier

>Do you want to transport a car from abroad inexpensively? Are you looking for a safe and affordable solution? While fuel prices are frighteningly skyrocketing and a mobility package is starting to hit the market, your choice of a carrier should be carefully considered. You have three options: self-delivery, trailer, or freight exchange. Read on to see which one will work best for you.

Transporting cars – by yourself, by a trailer, or with a freight exchange?

Are you planning to import cars from Germany, England, or the Netherlands? Or maybe you care about one select car that you have been hunting for a long time? Find out which of the following options will be the cheapest and safest.

Transporting the car yourself

If you plan to bring in one vehicle that is in working order, you can arrange to transport it yourself. In this case, you pick up the car in person and drive it to your destination. Is this a safe solution? Yes, but also very time-consuming. It is also your responsibility, in this case, to register the car or buy temporary registration plates to bring the vehicle to Poland legally. Secondly, you need to make sure that the vehicle has an up-to-date inspection.

Apart from that, importing a car from abroad on your own involves several formalities, including translation of car documents, payment of excise duty (which is more than 18% for cars with an engine capacity of over 2 liters), and purchase of temporary third-party insurance. As you can see, transporting a vehicle on your own takes a lot of time but also requires knowledge of the law and applicable regulations.

Vehicle transportation on a trailer

Alternatively, you can use a trailer so that you can take care of most of the paperwork after the purchase. Also, you don’t have to buy temporary liability insurance and plates. However, renting a tow truck is not cheap. Its costs mainly consist of the length of the route, the type of vehicle, and the delivery time of the car.

Okay, so what is the estimated cost of transportation by a trailer? In most cases, it is well over 1,000 PLN. Companies have different price lists, online you will see, for example, offers to transport a car from England to Poland for 2,200 PLN, from Germany to Poland for 1500 PLN, from the Netherlands to Poland for 1,700 PLN … and these are very indicative prices that vary depending on the company’s offer.

Fortunately, a third solution is also available.

Vehicle transportation with freight exchange

When it comes to transporting cars, a transportation exchange is often the best option, which is a virtual marketplace where individuals, companies, and carriers come together. A dedicated platform gives you a huge amount of options when you want to transport a single vehicle or a bulk number of cars. The freight exchange is often used by entrepreneurs who regularly import cars from abroad and therefore want to cooperate with freight forwarding companies in a secure, inexpensive, and reliable way. Later on in the post, you will learn what a good freight exchange offers.

Freight exchange – trusted carriers that suit your pocket

The exchanges were created to manage the transportation of cars mainly from abroad. All you have to do is to add a detailed ad for a carrier (where you specify your requirements and present the order) and then wait for applications to start arriving in your mailbox. You can freely choose the cheapest or the fastest option to safely import your cars, regardless of their number and type. And all this without having to leave your desk!

Through one platform, you have access to dozens of carriers from all over Europe. You will also complete further steps through the platform. The entire process can be finalized in one place, quickly and transparently. Once you have selected the most interesting submission, you gain complete control over the assignment: you monitor the transportation in real-time (GPS tracking), you can contact the carrier at any time, and you keep the documents, including the CMR.

Freight exchange – how to choose a carrier

As you already know, dozens of carriers are registered on the freight exchange. And the practice is that they come to you. When you put out an ad looking for transportation, in response, you receive proposals from many companies that are willing to fulfill the order. You gain a great deal of freedom of choice, as you can often pick and choose between prices and offers. And if you like the service of a particular carrier, you can establish permanent cooperation with them (even lasting many years). A freight exchange is a perfect place to create business relationships.

How else will the freight exchange improve your transportation? Not only can you track the current location of the cars, but you can clearly see the real price. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs because you enter into a transparent contract that governs all costs associated with the service.

This is also a very convenient solution. You don’t have to search for a carrier on the Internet and exchange hundreds of emails and phone calls. In addition, the carrier information in the freight exchanges is verified and then published in the company profile, which is visible in the company directory. 

So if you’re looking for a trusted and affordable partnership, check out freight exchanges like Prilo. Get all the paperwork done on your computer or via the mobile app. Transporting cars has never been easier!