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Prilo at Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe 2023

>The Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe event is a premier gathering of professionals in the automotive logistics and supply chain industry. This year they’d been celebrating the 20th anniversary of its conference in Europe. Hoping for 20 more, they’d prepared an impressive lineup of speakers, engaging agenda, and a range of opportunities for networking, learning, and innovation, so that the event simply had to become a must-attend for industry leaders, logistics service providers, technology companies, and other stakeholders in the industry.

And we also made our mark on that historic event.

Attendees of Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe 2023

Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe is one of the most prestigeous events for the high-level executives and crème de la crème of the automotive industry. Naturally, the 2023 attendees at the event represented some of the largest and most influential players in the industry.

From vehicle manufacturing giants and OEMs like BMW, Volkswagen, Renault, Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Audi, Toyota, Volvo through LSPs like Kuehne + Nagel, DB Schenker, DHL, Geodis, Priority Freight and even companies that offer logistic solutions and support, like our Prilo or Blue Yonder, could be found roaming the conference halls at Kameha Grand Bonn  from 21-23.03.2023.

Suffice to say, with so many high profile delegates, this year’s event was full of incredible opportunities for every company in attendance – us included!

ALSC Agenda

The agenda prepared for the Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe 2023 offered a wide range of topics relevant to the industry, including:

  • the impact of digitalization,
  • the rise of electric vehicles,
  • the importance of sustainability,
  • the reduction of emissions and waste across the supply chain,
  • the innovation in supply chain management,
  • the capacity issues, and what is so closely related – the worsening driver and labour shortages,
  • the key trends and opportunities influencing the market,
  • the regional supply patterns,
  • the component shortages,
  • the improving of packaging and network utilisation,
  • the growing need for partnership and cultural transformation.

The agenda is designed to provide attendees with insights and information on the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the industry, as well as opportunities to network with peers and industry leaders. The innovation showcase is also a highlight of the event, providing attendees with a chance to learn about the latest technologies, products, and services from exhibitors and sponsors.

Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe 2023 Debate Sessions

The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers during debate sessions on various topics relevant to the automotive industry. Among those, most memorable were:

  • Dr Michael Nikolaides, Senior Vice-President Production Network and Supply Chain Management at BMW Group, in a panel with Rainer Kiefer, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales at DB Schenker talked about strategies for resilience and innovation in European automotive Logistics.
  • Peter Baumann, VP Global Key Account Management at CEVA, and Matthias Braun, Head of Logistics, PowerCo – Volkswagen Group’s new battery subsidiary – spoke of the complexity and new requirements for ramping up lithium-ion battery production in Europe.
  • Luis Wilhelmi de Cal, General Manager at Glovis Europe, in session with Jean-Christophe Deville, Head of Production and Vehicle Logistics at Toyota Motor Europe and Jarosław Maszczak, Senior Vice President at RPM, discussed how digital tools and stronger partnerships are key to more resilient networks and meeting changing consumer demand.
  • Levent Yuksel, Freight Operations Director at Jaguar Land Rover, and Étienne Jacob, Global Supply Chain Director at Plastic Omnium, addressed the challenge of sustainable materials in automotive manufacturing.
  • And of course, Marcin Koziak, our own Product Owner and Head of Prilo, who introduced Prilo Car Transport Exchange as a tool for a digital transformation into paperless logistics. He spoke extensively with Marjorie Vanhoucke, Head of FVL Operations at Renault Group, about the ongoing capacity shortages and how implementing an innovative tool like Prilo can help steamline the vehicle transport process and thus reduce costs.

All debate sessions garnered avid interest as the matters discussed are crucial for the future of automotive industry.

Prilo at Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe 2023

Our own experience at the conference was incredibly valuable. As one of the sponsors, we had the opportunity to work closely with the organizers on preparing our stand, delegate bag insert and our presentation at the debate. Almost three months of intense brainstorming and hundreds of emails and phone calls lead to the completion of marketing materials that we are truly proud of – and which have been greatly received by Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe attendees!

Since innovation is something we wish to pursue in both our business model and our brand visuals, we chose an innovative exhibition system to invest in with ALSC and other upcoming events in mind. This allowed our team to proudly show off our product.

At the Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe event, we had the pleasure to speak directly to many of the guests, including Richard Campbell from Volvo Cars, Kay Lemcke from Sallaum Lines Switzerland, Mantas Jakeliūnas from Bleiras Logistics, Andreea Maria Serbu, a member of ECG, Matthew Hardwick from Project 3 Mobility, Amir Ebadi from BYD EUROPE, Mantas Vėgėla from EM Logistics, Maciej Tincel, Rob Zehenpfenning, Hyoh-Seun Yu and the entire team from VinFast Europe.

It has been a great time for us thanks to all of the enriching and enlightening conversations we’ve had in these 3 days.

Here are some photos from our team at Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe 2023:

Hot topics from ALSC 2023 attendees

What questions were asked from us most often at the Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe 2023, from people visiting our stand, in conversations over dinner or durning coffee breaks?

Here’s a quick summary for you, along with our answers:

Prilo – what is it exactly?

Prilo is an online car transport exchange – a marketplace, where shippers and carriers form all countries in Europe can get to know each other and find out what they are looking for: new car transport orders and new carriers to transport their loads to their destination.

Where did the idea for Pirlo come from?

The idea for Prilo came from a business concept from Hyundai Glovis in 2020. As the world turned more into the digital space because of all the restrictions, a need for translating the same over to FVL became a starting point for this project. The implementation of the Prilo platform was possible thanks to the cooperation and experience of the people from Adampol, who were crucially involved in every step of the way. Based on over 30 years of experience in the vehicle logistics industry, Adampol designated the best person they could to lead the team – Marcin Koziak took his place as Product Owner and under his care Prilo grew from a simple idea into the platform it is now.

And that is still only the beginning of our journey.

Where did the name Prilo come from and what does it mean ?

The choice of the name wasn’t easy. We wanted the name to be associated with new opportunities, innovation in FVL and new technologies that will make everyday work easier and more efficient.

In Slovenian Prilo means „hurry up”, which truly gives off the feeling of our industry. Even though Prilo is a Polish product, moderated by Polish staff, we settled on that name – after all, it is worth it to hurry up and join Prilo so that you can discover a new dimension of work in Finished Vehicle Logistics.

What makes Prilo different from other exchanges?

Prilo is an exchange dedicated to the transport of cars. Unlike other exchanges, we focus on this one sector of logistics to provide the best service, geared fully to the needs and expectations of car shippers and carriers.

Prilo originated from the many years of experience of Adampol, one of the leaders in FVL in Europe, so the everyday work in the logictics sector and the challenges that we face are well known to us – in consequence, we know what needs to be changed. And, with Prilo, we know how to change it.

What do the numbers say about Pirlo?

Official launch of the Prilo platform took place in March 2022.  After 12 months of operation, we currently have almost 2500 registered users, including over 1600 carriers from all over Europe. Every week that numer grows higher, proving the potential that is right within your reach.

Among the carriers registered on Prilo, there are both large and small players: companies with their own large fleet of auto-transporters and smaller ones that only have tow trucks or low deck trucks, who can provide delivery to dealers, services or directly to the customer’s door.

What benefits do I get from using Prilo?

The basic functionality allows you to add and find orders for auto-transporters, tow trucks and sets, on routes throughout all of Europe. Prilo is much more than just an exchange, though. It is a virtual space, where you can manage the entire process: from finding a carrier/shipper, through negotiating prices and direct contact with the other party, to tracking loads and submitting full e-documentation within the platform.

There’s no hidden fees, no commission, no subscription plans or premium accounts on Prilo – it’s completely FREE to use. Is this chance to improve your business something you want to miss?

Invitation to Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe 2024

In conclusion, the Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe event provides an opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, learn from leading experts and peers, and build valuable relationships that can help drive success in the years to come. Looking ahead, it’s a must-attend event for professionals in the automotive logistics and supply chain industry.

Registration for 2024 is already ongoing. Will you join us next time?