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Jak działa giełda do transportu aut?

>Did you know that freight exchanges are used by up to 90% of European transportation companies? The popularity of freight exchanges for cars is growing and no wonder that it does, seeing as they bring together hundreds of carriers and customers in one place, which benefits both sides of the transaction. Car freight exchanges are what makes modern transportation 4.0 fit for the 21st century. Keep reading, and you will find out what you can gain with a good freight exchange!

Before we answer the question asked at the end of the preceding paragraph, it’s worth taking a closer look at how such exchanges work.

Why use car freight exchanges ?

The way such an exchange works can be illustrated by a simple example:

Mr. Tomasz is the owner of a car repair shop. He is looking for a good carrier to pick up and deliver 10 cars from Berlin to his workshop. He knows that a tow truck is an extremely expensive investment that will completely fail in his situation. That’s why he puts up an ad on the car freight exchangeHe provides the necessary information about the order and describes his expectations, such as how much he can pay for the full service.

The ad goes out to dozens of carriers on the exchange, including Mr. Marcin. He is actually available for the dates necessary; he has the right transportation vehicles, and the price is right for him. He replies to the offer. The men work out the details, finalize the paperwork – and… it’s done. Mr. Tomasz waits for the cars to be delivered, and what is important, he can monitor their transportation in real-time.

That’s how good car freight exchanges work – the user submits an ad that goes out to the carriers. Often, responses are received shortly thereafter, allowing us to begin processing the order quickly. There is also the issue of financial savings – with current fuel prices, the exchange is the cheapest option. However, it represents a number of benefits not only for companies but also for the carriers, which we will describe later on in this post.

What do you gain as a principal in a freight exchange?

What benefits do you gain when you put out an ad looking for a car transporter? First of all, it saves a lot of time and money. Let’s start with the fact that you do all the paperwork on your computer or on your phone. There is no time-consuming e-mail exchanges, no constant phone calls or meetings with potential carriers. 

You can sit back in your chair with a cup of coffee, and in just a few minutes, you’ll be working with the company of your choice. And at the exchange, you will meet many carriers with a variety of vehicles – from platform trailers to metal yoke trailers. Information about companies is provided at the time of registration in the company profile, visible in the directory, so you can be sure that you are cooperating with a partner who will fulfill the order according to the agreed terms.

What’s more, you get access to a huge database of potential carriers. You personally decide which of them will complete the order. You can also, of course, simply choose the cheapest offer. You monitor the progress of your order in real-time, so you know where your vehicles are at all times. You may contact the carrier at any time. And you manage the whole process on one platform – that’s the case with Prilo freight exchange .

Importantly, with Prilo, you also have continuous access to all documents, such as CMRs, collected within one platform. No letter gets lost because it is securely stored on the exchange platform. You have your own account that allows you to control the stages of transportation, from creating the order to the delivery of the shipment. 

What do you gain as a carrier on the freight exchange?

The exchange is a huge database of contacts from many countries. As a carrier, you will gain regular orders from customers not only from Poland but also from abroad. You’ll stop worrying about continuity of orders and, most importantly, you’ll increase the chances of avoiding “empty” miles (and these affect up to one in four vehicles in the EU). Car freight exchanges operate all over the world, so you are not limited to Poland.

As a carrier, you gain complete control over your orders. As with Prilo, everything is done on one platform, comfortably on a computer.  You keep transportation documents, such as CMRs, in one place. You can therefore be sure that they will not get lost in a pile of papers. 

You control every step of the transportation from start to finish, and you have constant, uninterrupted contact with drivers and customers. Whether you are carrying out transportation from Germany, France, or the Netherlands, you don’t have to worry about its progress.

As a carrier on the Prilo exchange, you also gain access to a number of other facilities. For example, you can easily see what routes are in demand in a location where you are completing an order. The platform, therefore, facilitates the work, taking into account the needs of both carriers and customers.

Prilo car freight exchange  cheaper and faster

Prilo car freight exchange is the answer to the modern needs of companies and carriers. An intuitive panel, a clear platform, and access to the site in Polish and English are all valuable conveniences. With a good freight exchange, you will be able to build up reliable contacts and constantly process your transportation orders!