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How to search for car transport orders

>Car transport is one of the popular solutions to extend a transport company’s offer. The demand for cars remains at a stable level, which naturally leads to a demand for transport services. How do you acquire customers? Where do you look for car transport orders? You will find the answers to these questions in the article below.

Where to look for car transport orders

The free market is governed by its own rules. The competition in car transport is very high, so you need to ensure you have a competitive offer and proven methods of obtaining orders. The development of civilization and universal access to the Internet have opened up new opportunities for transport companies. Traditional business relationships are increasingly giving way to digital solutions.

Transport exchanges

Car transport exchanges have revolutionized the transport industry, becoming a friendly and safe link between carriers and companies needing car transport. Transport exchanges have an extensive customer base from various countries, thanks to which we can reach large companies with our offer with a few mouse clicks. What’s more, car transport exchanges enable quick communication between contractors and simplicity of signing contracts. There are also tender offers for permanent orders.

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Social media and advertising sites

Offers and orders for car transport can also be found on social media and local classifieds websites. However, such advertisements are not verified. As such, before accepting an order, you should make sure that there is a real company or person behind it.

Trade fairs, business meetings, personal relationships

Face-to-face meetings and participating in trade fairs are good ways to obtain regular orders. Many businesspeople care about building relationships, which is often not possible to achieve remotely. One satisfied contractor can pay off when they recommend your services to other businesspeople, and a single transport can bring new orders for a tow truck.

How to obtain orders for a tow truck

  • internet: social media, advertising sites, Google business card, transport exchanges, specialist forums
  • cooperating with a vehicle disassembly station
  • cooperating with car sellers, e.g. those importing cars from abroad
  • offering your services as roadside assistance

Internet platforms or personal contacts – what to consider when ordering car transport

Nowadays, more and more people are moving away from personal contacts in favour of digital solutions. Internet platforms dedicated to car transport give us access to many carriers, thanks to which we can choose the most economically sound offer. With personal contacts, the price is very often of secondary importance. Simultaneously, there is a risk that the deterioration of personal relations will impact the end of cooperation between two parties. When ordering car transport , consider first and foremost what is best for the company as well as your own capabilities.

How to verify transport orders

  • Before accepting an order to transport cars, make sure that the company is registered. Ideally, it has been on the market for several years.
  • Check the opinions on the web about the company ordering the transport, e.g. on transport exchange sites.
  • The clearer the terms of the orders, the better. Complicated vocabulary and extensive responsibilities should arouse your suspicions.
  • Make sure that the client has prepared complete documentation.

Long-term orders – are they worth it?

Long-term orders for car transport have their advantages and disadvantages. They allow for continuous and controlled income, while binding the transport company to a long-term contract. While the prospect of guaranteed orders may provide a stable financial basis for conducting business activity, one should beware of contracts that are not adapted to changing economic conditions. Fuel prices, inflation, changes in the law and vehicle technical issues can make long-term orders for car transport simply unprofitable. Nonetheless, long-term orders are the best way to ensure financial stability for the company.