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Prilo na FleetDerby 2023

Help us win the Fleet Derby 2023 plebiscite 

>Vote for Prilo until 11/06 in the digital technologies supporting fleet management category. Here’s how you can become a part of our success. 

What is Fleet Derby plebiscite? 

Fleet Derby is an annual plebiscite that has been running for 12 years, dedicated to both market suppliers and their recipients in the automotive industry. The aim of the plebiscite is to present representatives of the automotive industry and promote products and services available on the Polish market that shape the fleet market and have a real impact on the development of the automotive, fleet and electromobility industries. The plebiscite provides an opportunity to promote all submitted solutions and to distinguish the best in each category through online voting on the Fleet Derby website. 

The plebiscite is highly regarded in the fleet industry, breaking popularity records each year in terms of the number of submitted products and services, as well as the number of votes received.  

Winning the Fleet Derby strengthens the positive and professional image of an individual, team, service, or product, as well as confirms the high position of a company and its credibility. The Fleet Derby statuettes clearly indicate the leaders in the automotive and fleet market in individual categories. 

Prilo is aiming to win! 

Fleet Derby includes dozens of different subcategories, in which awards are given. This year, the plebiscite includes new categories and subcategories in the field of electromobility, last mile solutions, and digital technologies for fleets. It is that last one that our Prilo decided to participate in. 

Prilo is an online car transport exchange created by Adampol SA based on modernIT technologies and many years of experience in the automotive logistics industry. 

Digitization and innovation are the leading directions in logistics 4.0. In this regard, the introduction of mandatory electronic transport documents (eCMR)planned for 2024, which will replace paper versions, will have a huge impact on the industry. Prilo will allow you to easily go through the eCMR implementation stage in logistics companies, and will also facilitate access to these documents after their introduction. 

Thanks to the all-in solution, the entire transport process on Prilo takes place in one place, which significantly improves the scope of work of forwarders and allows them to free themselves from time-consuming phone calls, emails and paper documents.  

What does the Prilo exchange offer? 

  • connecting the customer with the carrier,  
  • cooperation with favorite or already contracted car carriers, 
  • a chance to quickly find new orders, 
  • cargo route monitoring,  
  • facilitated exchange of information and documents,  
  • confirmation of unloading by the driver in a dedicated application. 

The Prilo platform is an online marketplace where orders for the transport of single pieces as well as full loads of cars are placed. Carriers have access to a full database of posted orders, for which they can submit offers or negotiate prices and conditions directly on the platform. Thanks to this, drivers do not have to worry about new orders and empty kilometers. All details of the transaction are agreed between the carrier and the client via the platform. 

In addition, the execution of cargo transport can be fully tracked on the platform. The ordering party has a preview of this: 

  • where his cargo is located, 
  • who drives his cars – driver details, 
  • when the driver expects to deliver the load, 
  • when the cargo was delivered to the destination. 

Prilo launched in February 2022 and currently has almost 3000 registered companies from all over Europe, and the number is constantly growing. 

Believing in the success of our platform, we’re aiming to win the Fleet Derby 2023 statuette in our category! 

How to vote?  

Voting in the plebiscite runs until June 11, 2023, and takes place through the Fleet Derby website.  

Where to find us on the fleetderby.pl

  • From the top menu choose categories 
  • Digital technologies for fleets 
  • From the subcategories choose management support technologies 
  • And there click on the beautiful purple Prilo logo 🙂 
  • You will be redirected to our dedicated voting page 
  • Read up on Prilo or simply click the organge button VOTE 
  • Then fill out the voting form and once more click VOTE 
  • As the final step you’ll receive the confirmation email, where you have to once more confirm your vote by clicking the confirmation link 

Or you can simply click here to VOTE 

There’s still time, so help us win!