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Add a carrier to your favorites

Good cooperation is essential. Are you satisfied with the progress of your recent orders? On the platform, you can add your best business partners to your favorites list. This allows you to make future transactions with verified carriers.


Work with the best

With the ability to add a carrier to your list of favorites, both parties have a chance to start working together on a regular basis.

I like it!

What can both parties gain from the functionality of adding a carrier to your favorites list? After successfully organizing the transport of cars, the client can cooperate with proven carriers for future orders. This is because the bids from them will be marked accordingly on the platform, which will make it easier to conclude a transaction with a reliable partner. What’s more, the client can create a private order visible only to their favorite carriers. So, it’s worth being liked!

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    Why is the list of favorite carriers necessary?

    You work with the best

    The list allows you to work with the carriers you work best with.

    You build relationships

    Regular cooperation facilitates closer business relationships.

    Save time

    By working with a reliable carrier, you know that you can rest assured that your cars will be transported and you don’t waste time dealing with unnecessary problems.

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    of the Prilo platform

    Real-time transport tracking

    We know you want to have everything under control, and your driving route is a lot of unknowns. The platform provides the ability to track the shipping route from the starting point to the unloading of the cars. This will allow you to see where your cars are at any time.

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    Negotiating offers

    Prilo gives you the ability to set the right price for car shipping for both the car hauler and the carrier. Both parties to the transaction decide on the terms of cooperation without any rules imposed in advance. You can be certain that with Prilo, you will find the best deal.

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    Managing the entire process in one place

    Prilo is a unique platform on the market for managing the transport of cars through which all key issues can now be handled in a single place. You can conclude lucrative transactions, be able to monitor the status of the car shipment, easily contact the client or the carrier, or assign drivers and trucks to a given shipment. As a result, you can grow your business with more opportunities. Now you’re up to any challenge.

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    Documents in one place

    Don’t waste time uploading and searching for documents! Prilo stores them in one place with access for both parties throughout the car haul. This way you can forget about lost and incomplete documents.

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    Exchange messages through the platform

    Keep in touch with your business partner throughout the order. Full communication is located in one place where you can talk to each other at any time. No more calling or emailing — just open your chat history and you’ll find all your arrangements there.

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    Check suggestions for future routes

    As a carrier, the platform lets you can check what routes are in demand at the place where you are just finishing a previous order. By doing so, you increase your chances of avoiding empty miles.

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    You can finally ride easily because with Prilo you’ve got everything under control. Shall we?

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