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Everything you need to know about the driver’s certificate

>The driver’s certificate is one of the foundations of the legal functioning of transport companies. It is basically a confirmation of the driver’s qualifications and his ability to drive specific types of vehicles. In this article, we will discuss what a driver’s certificate is and how it differs from a professional qualification certificate.

What is a driver’s certificate?

A driver’s certificate is a document which confirms that the driver is employed in accordance with the applicable regulations and holds all the necessary qualifications to perform the job. This is of fundamental importance for the proper functioning of road transport and the provision of transport services in accordance with the applicable standards. 

But what exactly is this certificate? In short, a driver’s certificate is an official document that is required primarily from drivers who are not citizens of European Union Member States but who work for transport companies registered in the EU. It confirms the driver’s compliance with all legal and professional requirements, thus enabling legal international road transport of goods.

Who needs it?

The importance of a driver’s certificate goes beyond just the legality of employment. It is also a guarantee that the driver has the appropriate skills and knowledge to drive safely within the European Union. It is not only a matter of compliance with the law, but also of ensuring road safety. The driver’s certificate is also a tool that improves the competitiveness of Polish and European drivers with regards to immigrants from the East.

Who issues the driver’s certificate?

The Chief Inspector of Road Transport (GITD) is responsible for issuing driver certificates in Poland. They verify and issue driver certificates, in accordance with applicable regulations. The process of issuing a driver’s certificate is not only a formality, but above all an important verification procedure. A transport company that intends to employ a driver from outside the European Union must submit an appropriate application to the GITD. This application should include not only the driver’s information, but also a number of documents confirming their qualifications and the legality of employment.

Everything is in the hands of the GITD

After receiving the application, the GITD conducts a detailed analysis of the submitted documents. It checks, among others: whether the driver has the appropriate driver’s license, meets the health and psychological conditions necessary to perform the job, and is properly insured. If any omissions or concerns are identified, GITD may request supplementary documents or explanations.

How long is the certificate valid for?

The driver’s certificate is issued for a period specified by the issuing Member State, but no longer than 5 years. After this time, it has to be renewed, which is another element that ensures drivers qualifications are up-to-date. In Poland and most European countries, the driver’s certificate is valid for up to 5 years. 

How to obtain a driver’s certificate

You can apply for a driver’s certificate in several ways: in person, by mail or electronically. What does the whole procedure look like? 

1. Submit an application for a driver’s certificate in accordance with GITD requirements.

2. Attach the necessary documents to your application: a copy of the Community license, a letter of employment, a photocopy of your identity document and driver’s license, as well as other required documents, such as a confirmation of social insurance.

3. Pay the fee for issuing the certificate and attach the bank transfer receipt to the application.

4. Wait for the application and documents to be verified by the GITD.

Consequences of not having a valid certificate

Lack of a driver’s certificate may lead to serious consequences for both the driver and the carrier. The Chief Road Transport Inspector has the right at any time to request that the company present a document confirming compliance with the requirements. Failure to meet the conditions for issuing a driver certificate or providing incorrect information on the application may result in the withdrawal of the certificate and suspension of the issuance of new certificates for a period of up to one year. In case of serious violations, the Community license may even be withdrawn for a period of up to 6 months.

The driver’s certificate and the driver’s professional qualification certificate

A driver’s certificate and a driver’s professional qualification certificate are two completely different documents. A driver’s certificate, as discussed earlier, is required for drivers from outside the European Union carrying out international road transport services for EU-registered companies. Whereas the driver’s professional qualification certificate, commonly known as the transport of goods and passengers course or code 95, is a document confirming that the driver has obtained the authorization to carry out the road transport of goods or passengers. It is intended for drivers who plan to drive vehicles requiring a category C, C+E or D, D+E driver’s license.

Who issues the driver’s qualification certificate?

To obtain this certificate, the driver must have a professional driver profile, which is a set of information identifying the person applying for code 95 to be entered into the driver’s license. This process requires reporting to the transport department with a medical and psychological certificate which confirms that there are no contraindications to perform work as a driver, and then go to the appropriate training centre.

How long is a driver’s professional qualification certificate valid for?

The driver’s professional qualification certificate is valid for 5 years. After this period, the driver is required to complete periodic training again. This is a key element ensuring that drivers are constantly up to date with the latest road traffic regulations and safety standards.

Summary: driver’s certificate = safe transport

The driver certificate is not only a formal document, but also a key element that ensures legality and safety in the transport industry. Holding a valid driver’s certificate confirms that the driver meets all required standards and is fully prepared to drive a vehicle in the European Union. Additional requirements also increase Polish drivers’ competitiveness in relation to immigrants from outside the EU.


What is a driver’s certificate?

A driver’s certificate is an official document confirming that a non-EU driver is employed in accordance with the applicable regulations and has the appropriate qualifications to perform road transport within the European Union. 

Who issues the driver’s certificate?

In Poland, the driver’s certificate is issued by the Chief Road Transport Inspector. 

How long is a driver’s certificate valid for?

A driver’s certificate is usually valid for up to 5 years, after which it needs to be renewed.