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Prilo na targach EAIVT International Markets Congress 2023

EAIVT Congress 2023 under Prilo sponsorship

>Independent vehicle traders gathered on June 15-17 in the Netherlands to make new business connections and speak on new trends in the automotive industry. 

What is EAIVT? 

The full name E.A.I.V.T. stands for the European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders. The organization, as the name suggests, is a community of independent dealers and associations in the car trade sector. 

EAIVT members are car dealers who are active in the international car trade and who have been working in this business for at least 3 years. They comply with the highest criteria regarding quality and secure B2B business in their market. Companies that are members of this organization are usually dealers, buyers and sellers of cars new and used. 

Among the leaders of the industry that are also prominent memebers of EAIVT we can name: 

  • carSolutions Sp.z o.o. Sp.K. 
  • Beyond Motors International 
  • Auteks JSC 
  • BillBerry Automotive 
  • ANCA CARS Sp. z o.o. 
  • Auto Kunz AG 
  • Story Auto Import-Export B.V. 
  • Van Dijk Automotive 
  • NAP Sportauspuff Manufaktur GmbH 

E.A.I.V.T. has been a regular invitee for many years to the meetings of the EU Motor Vehicles Working Group. These meetings are a platform to liaise with the Commission and industry stakeholders over topics of relevance to automotive sector. 

EAIVT International Markets Congress 2023 

Speaking to the popularity and prestige of this event in the industry, over a week before the event date, all the participation spots were booked. This year, EAIVT International Markets Congress took place in the Netherlands, in Noordwijk near Amsterdam. Over 300 participants were registered for the 3-day event happening from June 15-17. 

The event started off on the evening of June 15th with a welcome reception to allow old and new members time to acquaint themselves with each other over delicious food and drinks. 

Then, on the morning of June 16th, after the welcome address by the President of EAIVT the guests had the opportunity to see the presentations from sponsors and industry leaders – our Prilo included. After that, the guests were free to either network among the gathered professionals or enjoy the program to the fullest: with social lunch, panel talk on the Dutch Car Market and finally the social dinner at the Harbour Club Den Haag. And the after party to end the day on the happy note 🙂 

Until midday on June 17th, all guests could once again spend their time on making new business connections, so that afterwards they have the time to enjoy a sightseeing tour through the Amsterdam Canals. 

Prilo at EAIVT Congress in Noordwijk 

After visiting the International Markets Congress in Athens last year and making valuable new connections that are active users of our platform to this day, there was no doubt in our mind that this event is a must-have on our list for this year. As the motto of EAIVT says „Leading the market by connections” our own could be „Connecting shippers and carriers”. That’s why we decided to become a member of the E.A.I.V.T. organization and sponsor the event in the Netherlands this year. 

Preparations for the event took a full month, but without much trouble our team manager to find their way to Noordwijk, Netherlands on June 15. Among the many companies exhibiting their stands, ours definitely stood out. 

Prilo was the topic of many conversations, especially after Marcin Koziak – Product Owner of Prilo – gave a presentation about Prilo’s path to becoming a leading platform for vehicle transport. 

Among others, some questions that we received were: 

  • How can Prilo be of use to car dealers? We can help you find carriers for your cars! 
  • Can I order car transport from port to my shop? Yes! 
  • Can transport of sports or exhibition car models be ordered through Prilo? It can be, and if there are carriers who have specialized trucks needed to transport such vehicles, they will place offers for your order! 
  • Do carriers using Prilo transport to client’s door? Yes, some do! 
  • How much does it cost to use Prilo? Nothing, Prilo is completely free! No subscription, no commission, no hidden fees! 

There were many more, but if you want to know the answers, schedule a demo presentation with us and we’ll let you in on all Prilo secrets 🙂 

Prilo na targach EAIVT International Markets Congress 2023

News and trends from EAIVT Congress 2023 

Many different topics were touched upon during the presentations at the International Markets Congress, and many others in just face-to-face talks. Here are the key notes we’ve gathered just for you: 

  • The continued growth of electric vehicles has been a significant trend, with many automakers introducing new EV models and expanding charging infrastructure. This results in the rising need for the transport of the heavy EV cars. 
  • In the line of electric cars Norway, which has been an El Dorado for EVs thus far, noted a significant down in the demand for EV cars – this is due to the introduction of a 25% tax on buying new EV vehicles at the beginning of 2023. 
  • The development and testing of autonomous vehicles have gained momentum, with several companies aiming to launch fully self-driving cars in the near future. 
  • Contrary to the previous years where the demand was higher than vehicle production and inventory levels, currently there i san influx of cars available, but the demand has fallen. 
  • The troubles with finding car carriers who can transport single units in international transport continues – here, Prilo offers help and a solution! 
  • In connection to the transport issues, the cost rose up to 2-3 times – this also means that the cost of new cars has risen appropriately higher. 
  • Automakers are prioritizing sustainability by adopting eco-friendly manufacturing processes, using recycled materials, and committing to reducing carbon emissions across the value chain – this aligns with the consumer demand for eco-friendly choices and solutions. 

The automotive industry is dynamic, and trends and challenges may evolve over time. Staying informed, adaptable, and responsive to market conditions is essential for dealerships to thrive in the new and used car market. 

Thanks to events like the E.A.I.V.T. International Markets Congress, we can stay up to date and make new, important business partnerships that will help us thrive in the automotive industry. Let’s connect next year!