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Dealer’s must have – Automotive Dealer Day 2024

>No other event is as important to the Italian automotive market as this one. If you’re doing business in Italy, this is the one event you shouldn’t miss!

We, of course, didn’t 😉

What is Automotive Dealer Day?

Automotive Dealer Day is a premier B2B event in the automotive industry, celebrated for its comprehensive approach to industry updates, networking, and innovation. Held annually in Verona, Italy, it brings together a diverse array of stakeholders including carmakers, dealers, and service providers.

The event is structured around three core pillars:

  • educational sessions on market trends and industry challenges,
  • a business area showcasing innovative products and services,
  • and extensive networking opportunities.

The 2024 edition of Automotive Dealer Day was a milestone event, reinforcing its position as a pivotal B2B gathering for the automotive industry in Italy and in Europe in general.

Organized by Quintegia, a company specializing in automotive research, competence development, and networking, ADD took place from May 14th to 16th at Veronafiere in Verona, Italy.

Who should take interest in Automotive Dealer Day?

The event attracts a diverse international audience, with over 5,500 participants from more than 80 countries. This global reach allows for a rich exchange of ideas and practices, helping businesses explore and enter new markets. The presence of over 60 exhibitors from various sectors, including digital services, after-sales, and financial services, further enhances the event’s comprehensive approach to the automotive ecosystem.

Automotive Dealer Day is an essential event for a wide range of professionals within the automotive industry. Among others:

  • Car Dealership Owners and Managers: To gain insights on market trends, customer behaviors, and strategies to enhance dealership performance​.
  • Automotive Manufacturers: To connect with dealers, present new models, and understand dealer needs and market dynamics.
  • After-sales Service Providers: To explore the latest tools and techniques for improving service efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Digital Marketing Professionals: To learn about cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and technologies tailored for the automotive sector.
  • Financial and Insurance Service Providers: To discover new financial products and insurance solutions that can be integrated into dealership offerings.
  • Automotive IT and Software Companies: To showcase and discover new software solutions for dealership management and operations.
  • Parts and Accessories Suppliers: To network with dealers and understand the evolving needs for parts and accessories in the market.
  • Consultants and Advisors: To offer expertise and gain new perspectives on industry challenges and solutions.
  • Automotive Industry Analysts: To gather data and insights on industry trends, innovations, and market conditions.

Few reasons why you should visit ADD at least once in your automotive career

With over 70 sessions led by more than 100 industry experts, participants of Automotive Dealer Day can gain valuable insights into market trends, new business models, and strategies to enhance dealership performance and, what’s most important on our part – the logistics of it all. These educational opportunities are designed to equip industry professionals with the knowledge they need to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market​.

For professionals attending Automotive Dealer Day 2024, the event presented numerous business opportunities:

  1. Networking with Industry Leaders: Building connections with key players in the automotive sector.
  2. Discovering Innovations: Exploring the latest technologies and services.
  3. Educational Workshops: Learning from experts about market trends and strategies.
  4. Startup Opportunities: Gaining visibility and support for new businesses.
  5. Sustainable Business Practices: Implementing environmentally friendly practices.
  6. International Expansion: Exploring opportunities in new markets​

In summary, Automotive Dealer Day is an essential event for anyone involved in the automotive industry, offering a unique blend of education, innovation, and networking in a sustainable and globally-focused environment.

Prilo at Automotive Dealer Day 2024

Seeing as this event can be considered the gate to Italian automotive scene, Prilo Team had to be there and see whether it is something worth putting on our radar. During the two days Iwona Konieczna, Marcin Koziak and Marta Dubiejko from Adampol’s Italy branch were present at Veronafiere, they took time to connect with multiple business professionals from Italy and all over Europe to check this event’s full potential.

One thing of note you need to keep in mind about Automotive Dealer Day – prepare someone who speaks and understands Italian. While it is possible to talk with others in English, most of the valuable knowledge shared during the multiple presentations is, sadly, in Italian.

But once you get over that little bump in the road? The sky’s the limit!

Our next event is coming soon – again from Italy, but this time we’ll be in the beautiful Baveno for this year’s EAIVT Congress. Now that’s something we can’t miss 😉