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Best networking event for car dealers – EAIVT 2024

>For the 3rd year in a row, Prilo joined the exclusive event for car dealers – the EAIVT Congress 2024 held in beautiful Baveno, Italy.

What is EAIVT?

The European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders (EAIVT) is a professional body representing independent car dealers engaged in the international trade of vehicles.

Members range from dealers of new and used cars to key players in the automotive sector.

The yearly gatherings – so called EAIVT Congress – are held in different countries of their members and provide a platform for networking, sharing industry insights, and staying updated on market trends.

Who should visit EAIVT?

The association’s events attract a diverse group of professionals, including top executives from major automotive companies, making it a key event for those looking to expand their professional network and gain a deeper understanding of the market.

EAIVT is particularly relevant for professionals in various roles within the automotive industry, especially when it comes to car sales. Among others:

  • Business executives
  • Sales managers
  • Procurement officers
  • Logistics coordinators involved in the international vehicle trade
  • Independent car dealers, both new and used
  • Vehicle import/export specialists
  • Supply chain management

Networking events, like those organized by the EAIVT, offer car dealers numerous advantages.

To list a few, these yearly member meetings provide opportunities for business deals, collaborations, and partnerships for vehicle supply, financing, and logistics solutions. Knowledge sharing through workshops and discussions enhances sales techniques and operational efficiency. And building relationships with other dealers, manufacturers, and service providers strengthens business networks, while exposure to innovations helps in adopting new technologies.

All in all, EAIVT Congress is yearly one of the best events for any company involved in car sales.

2024 EAIVT Congress

From May 30th till June 1st in a beautiful hotel in Italy, right near the scenic Lago Maggiore, automotive professionals gathered for 2024 EAIVT Congress.

The event started in the evening of May 30th with the Welcome Reception in the Royal Garden. Among lovely music and food, participants had time to relax before the main conference and catch up with old friends, as well as make new ones.

The main, busy day of the conference started with a Welcome Speech from the EAIVT President on May 31st. After that followed an intense day of sponsor presentations, networking and market talks.

Among the sponsors this year was, of course, Prilo – with Marcin Koziak presenting our 2 years of incredible development.

Other sponsors included:

  • CARET – the all-in-one marketplace for transparent, cross-border transactions in the automotive market.
  • Preskok – specialized in buying and selling new or used cars of all brands.
  • Moreno Group – one of the leaders of Italian market in buying, renting and selling motor and commercial vehicles.
  • Importo – wholesale distributor of cars in Czech Republic and other EU countries.

This very intense day ended with a group dinner in Margherita Garden at Hotel Dino.

The final day of this year’s event was all about the sight-seeing tour around the Lago Maggiore. The weather wasn’t the best, but we are willing to take on every challenge 😉

3rd time’s the charm – Prilo at EAIVT 2024

In 2022, Prilo participated in the congress in Athens for the first time ever. It was an eye-opening event for us, where we formed valuable partnerships and soaked all knowledge of the inner workings of car dealership side of automotive industry.

In 2023, Prilo sponsored the EAIVT Congress in Noordwijk, Netherlands, where we showcased our innovative solutions for car dealers and transporters. Our sponsor presentation highlighted how Prilo connects shippers and carriers, providing a seamless transport experience. And compared to the year before, we had our hands full with chatting to everyone interested in starting their Prilo journey.

For our 3rd time, the 2024 congress in Baveno, Italy, Team Prilo continued our active engagement, presenting new features and improvements to our platform. Among others, there was a lot of buzz about our tracking feature that helps companies streamline their logistics, while keeping all data and important documents within one platform that now can also be connected to user’s inner system through API.

As expected, the interest in Prilo this time around was the biggest yet.

This was, once again, a time well invested into the growth of Prilo and multiple car dealer’s businesses. We’re already looking forward to what new opportunities next year will bring!